How I Improved My Denver Plastic Surgery In One Day

Okay and it takes several treatments or one treatment I know you see instant results but how many treatments to be complete three to four treatments and and that spread apart how many we have three to four weeks apart okay.

denver plastic surgery

So maybe you go in once a week okay and we have some before and afters of your worship Vontae let’s take a look and explain what you did so here’s a middle-aged woman who wanted to have some improvement in the heaviness around her face and you can see in the after picture that that will show that there’s a media tightening that you.

Can see from that that’s a days or six months after and you can see how much better the tissue around her mouth and her eye looks and this is from the pail of a this is from palaboy interest would think could we not have a wow yeah look at that compare all right no question for now looks younger firmer nicer and again avoiding shots avoiding anything that hurts here’s a little bit older woman who has deep lines crow’s feet around her eyes and.

On her cheeks and she had beleve done also and here you can see this is after one treatment at about one month substantial improvement in the depth of the wrinkles that are there I want to see the foreigner yeah you can definitely see and natural-looking to she’s not going to walk into her place of business or at home and someone’s going to say wow would you do you look stretched like in some case not at all no.

I know it’s it’s subtle that way which is nice here’s a woman in her early s who has some bagginess around her eyes and around her what’s called the nasolabial crease the line that falls down from the nose toward the mouth oh and you can see that a kind of erased that neighbors nasolabial crease the they call it and or the parenthesis and also the air around her eyes looks quite a bit better too so pretty spectacular really or you can go to dr. Fontaine calm.

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