little bit more about because it’s pretty new concept the endocrine system and how cannabis affects the body okay so so very very simply and you know again James and I could go on for hours about this but very simply there are receptor sites that is places on your nerves that that receive certain within the old days we call them endorphins.

In pelican so CBD water bottle different kinds of chemicals in the body that the human body already produces it produces in the brain and the nervous system and in the thyroid and the thymus system and some other systems of the body that that our first nerve enhance nerve enhancers and the other one is immune system enhancers so so we didn’t know what they were we didn’t really.

Have a name for them until people started researching cannabis which are the which are the which are the the juices from the cannabis plant and found out that these juices for lack of a better word at this point were you know almost a hundred percent identical to the chemicals that the body was already producing that we didn’t have names for so they serendipity.

I guess named the Beast chemicals inside the body in these endocrinologists so these are internally produced cannabis that means that are the same chemical compound is that which just comes from the cannabis plant I mean this is like this is like like an atom bomb going off this is the most important thing for you to understand so so the CD ones are for nerves and the immune system and when our body gets sick those the production of those two chemicals depending upon the sickness are.

Decreased now we all know about serotonin well serotonin has two is a mood regulator so we can increase serotonin uptake or increase the absorption of serotonin and the production by putting cannabis EXO cannabis that means come outside the body into the system and boost the the serotonin that’s just one I mean that’s just one of the hundreds or thousands.